Nice HOPP Double Swing                    AUTOMATION


            Standard: $2000

               Solar: $2600


For swing gates with leaves up to 2.4m

      Nice HYKE Double Swing                      AUTOMATION


            Standard: $2600

              Solar: $3200


For swing gates with leaves up to 3.5m

Our driveway gates can be fitted with heavy duty gate operators, with an articulated arm & surface mounted to any post type.

Available in solar power with a 15-watt solar panel and a 24v battery box with a charging control circuit in the standard kit. The panel needs a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight in the winter time, not shaded by trees or buildings. We can upgrade the solar kit to suit shaded or heavy traffic areas, to a 30-watt panel.

2 hand transmitters are supplied with all standard gate automation kit. Additional accessories (sold separately) include 4 digit key pads for extra security as well as electric latches and sensors.

All our gate automation comes with a 1 year warranty.